Halling & Cayo investigating claims against Sachs Financial Group


If you suffered losses from Aethlon Medical sold by Sachs Financial Group, you may have a claim to recover those losses.

If you own shares in this company, you may want to review your holdings to determine whether you have suffered any losses and whether an investment in those shares was suitable for you regarding your risk tolerance and investment objectives.

As a result of these findings, Halling & Cayo launched an investigation for potential claims against Sachs Financial Group LLC in connection with it’s purchases of Aethlon Medical in the advisory accounts of its fiduciary customers.

Sachs has purchased as much as 13 percent of the outstanding shares of Aethlon.  
If Sachs Financial Group is your advisor and you have purchases in your account related to Aethlon, you may have claims against this group.

Please contact Michael Schaalman if you wish to discuss further.