Ted Warpinski and Andy Skwierawski are highly trained and experienced lawyers who represent individuals, small business owners, corporate clients, non-profits, and governmental entities in a wide variety of environmental law, land use, insurance recovery, and complex litigation matters across Wisconsin and in other states. We pride ourselves on providing quality and cost-effective services to all our clients in a pragmatic yet creative manner.

Contaminated Properties Cleanup and Cost Recovery

Ted and Andy have spent the better part of their legal careers assisting clients in the remediation of contaminated properties. They assist their clients in navigating the hazardous site cleanup process, including securing funding via insurance recovery, DERF, PECFA, and federal and state Brownfield grant programs. Ted and Andy have both prosecuted and defended litigation among former owners, operators and others who may have caused or contributed to the contamination and counsel their clients regarding environmental issues, permitting and other regulations that might affect the re-use and redevelopment of contaminated real estate.

  • From large industrial sites to local drycleaners and gas stations, we have been involved in cleanup projects both large and small and are intimately familiar with the laws and regulations governing these projects.
  • A major concern on every project is cost and we have the experience and technical background to help our clients understand the science and technical issues that accompany these often-complicated remediation projects.
  • We assist our clients in assessing and understanding their potential environmental liabilities and whether the associated costs and damages might be recovered from various sources.
  • Pursuing claims for insurance recovery is a big part of our practice and we have helped recover tens of millions of dollars from insurance companies to fund site investigation and remediation activities through negotiation and, if needed litigation in both state and federal courts.
  • We also prosecute and defend cost recovery and contribution actions between and among potentially responsible parties in both state and federal courts.
  • We also help secure remedial funding from Brownfield grants and other programs.

We understand that our job is to help our clients first understand and then minimize their financial costs for environmental cleanups and, when appropriate, pursue all available sources of funding.

Toxic and Environmental Tort Litigation

Ted and Andy have a history of representing individuals and communities that have been impacted by exposure to toxic and hazardous substances and other activities that interfere with the use and enjoyment of their properties. People are often unknowingly exposed to toxic chemicals or other contaminants in the air they breathe, the water they drink and wash with, and the soil on and around their properties and neighborhoods. Ted and Andy are skilled at working with toxicologists, epidemiologists, soil scientists and other environmental experts and health professionals to understand and help quantify toxic exposures and the associated health impacts. They have helped communities get clean water and pursue claims against polluters responsible for the contamination to cleanup and compensate them for their damages.

  • We have helped dozens of clients pursue personal injury claims related to chemical exposures from pollution at and around their homes, neighborhoods and in the workplace, including cancer and other health impacts.
  • We have handled claims for well contamination and airborne or soil exposures and have helped secure both temporary and permanent sources of clean water for our clients.
  • We also have experience with contamination and other harms caused by agricultural activities of CAFOs and other ag-related businesses, including improper land spreading of manure and other ag-wastes byproducts and the drift of agricultural pesticides.
  • We have worked with our clients to help quantify the direct and indirect costs and damages they suffer when they can’t use their wells.
  • We have successfully pursued and defended claims involving stigma damages from environmental contamination.
  • We have successfully pursued claims for abatement of nuisances from local businesses, like factories and quarries.
  • We have litigated cases involving toxic mold and vapor intrusion from improper construction practices.
  • We are knowledgeable about emerging contaminants like PFAs, including their health impacts and the ongoing regulatory efforts at the state and federal level.

Our clients include both homeowners and businesses who are concerned about the value of their property and the safety of the environment in which they live and work. We have seen cases from both sides, and this allows us to better advise our clients and assist them in meeting their goals.

Water Law and Land Use Disputes

Ted and Andy have worked with developers on land use issues, including local and state wetland and waterway permitting and approvals for projects. They are experienced with riparian rights claims and the regulation of dams and their impacts on water levels. Ted and Andy have also represented individuals, communities and non-profits to help have their voices heard as part of the facility siting approval process. We have helped clients attack and defend environmental impact assessments, including the analysis of alternatives to minimize the environmental impacts. When necessary, we have both defended and challenged administrative agency actions both in the contested case process and in court.

Complex Litigation

While most of their practice may touch on environmental pollution related matters, Ted and Andy were trained in the art of complex litigation by some excellent mentors, including the late Bob Friebert of the Milwaukee firm of Friebert, Finerty and St. John, where they spent good portions of their legal careers. Ted and Andy have successfully pursued insurance claims for non-environmental matters, including employee theft, property damage and cyber coverage. They been involved in class action litigation for consumers and business arising out of unfair trade practices. They have handled construction litigation for delays and defective work, ERISA related litigation, and other complex business and contractual disputes. With experience in both state and federal court, Ted and Andy are highly qualified to handle the most complex litigation to help their clients protect their interests.



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