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Participation in the political process is vital to a healthy democracy.  This experience can be complex, whether you are a candidate running for office, a current elected official, or a citizen advocating for an issue or seeking redress from your government. Experienced legal counsel can help you understand the process and ensure your efforts comply with local, state, and federal laws.

At Halling & Cayo, our experienced and politically active Election, Campaign & Political Law practice attorneys are here to help at any stage or level of the political process. We provide a broad range of services to political committees, labor organizations, candidates, and incumbent officeholders—from local offices and issues to statewide and federal offices. We also aid individuals and organizations in navigating government agencies and regulations, and asserting their constitutional rights in petitioning their government.

Shareholder Stacie Rosenzweig explains why Halling & Cayo is focused on election, campaign, and political law.

Halling & Cayo Election, Campaign & Political Law lawyers are admitted in all Wisconsin state and federal courts, as well as Illinois state courts, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of the United States.

Representative Elections & Campaigns Matters include:

  • Acted as co-counsel to the Biden for President campaign at the presidential election recount in Milwaukee in Fall 2020
  • Represented would-be voters who were disenfranchised during the Spring 2020 election amid the coronavirus pandemic

  • Successfully defended candidates for Governor, Congress, and local offices facing ballot access challenges

  • Served as counsel to a successful effort to recall a Milwaukee County mayor

  • Advised candidates and committees as to petitioning, campaign finance, voter registration, ethics, economic interest disclosures, and First Amendment/Advertising issues

  • Defended and advised elected judges with regard to judicial ethics and campaign issues

Representative Political Law Matters include:

  • Represented unions and their members in a lawsuit to preserve the separation of powers jeopardized by the 2018 extraordinary session

  • Defended an elected official and a citizen journalist in a defamation complaint

  • Retained as outside counsel by a Wisconsin city whose mayor was facing removal by petition

  • Served as on-site counsel during labor-sponsored First Amendment actions

  • Won an injunction against a quasi-governmental interscholastic athletic association that allowed a high school athlete to compete and win a state championship

  • Stood up for the rule of law and secured the rights of a nonprofit sport shooting club to resume operation of its ranges

Headshot of Shareholder Stacie Rosenzweig

Stacie H Rosenzweig

Stacie H. Rosenzweig is head of the Election, Campaign & Political Law practice team at Halling & Cayo S.C. She has been interested in elections and politics since at least 1984, when her fourth-grade class studied the presidential election (she was Vermont in the mock Electoral College). She stayed up watching presidential election returns and colored in the states as the results came in. Her decades-long association between democracy and deviled eggs started at an inauguration watch party.  Since then, Stacie has participated in the political process as a voter and a volunteer. She has served in a variety of campaign roles, including petitioner, treasurer, and fundraiser pie-baker.  She has staffed tables at community fairs in the summer sun, and knocked doors in the snow and slush.

In her practice, Stacie represents candidates, incumbents, and committees at all levels, from first-time contenders for local positions to experienced candidates for statewide and federal offices. She appears on behalf of candidates before the Wisconsin Elections Commission and other regulatory bodies, and has fought in court for voting rights. In November 2020, she was honored to serve as co-counsel to the Biden for President campaign during the post-election recount.


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