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Milwaukee Criminal Defense Attorney

When arrested or accused of a crime, selecting the right attorney may be the most important decision you will make. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can make the difference between a brief encounter with the legal system and years behind bars. Halling & Cayo represents clients in both state and federal court, on trial and on appeal. We can assist with both felony and misdemeanor charges.

Know Your Rights

We will protect your constitutional rights and develop a legal strategy aimed at eliminating or reducing the potential negative consequences for you both today and in the future.

A felony conviction can affect your life for years after you have made restitution. In the state of Wisconsin a felon cannot join the military, own a gun, hold office, or even attend some graduate schools. It may be difficult to get a job with a conviction on your record. And if you were a licensed professional, you may be unable to practice here or anywhere in the US or even in other countries.

You have a right to a fair trial

We provide criminal defense whether this is your first arrest or if you have had previous entanglements with the law. As experienced trial lawyers, we will point out the weaknesses in the government’s case in order to create a reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors. Without experienced council on your side, you may be settling for life-altering losses that follow you for many years. Contact Halling & Cayo for a discreet and professional review of your case.

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