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Our attorneys have the breadth and depth of experience needed to provide comprehensive legal services for businesses seeking litigation counsel.


The Milwaukee Business Litigation Team at Halling & Cayo S.C. handles all types of business disputes. We take on these cases with an eye towards getting the best result possible and we feel that requires the ability and the resolve to take a case all the way to trial. This does not mean that our cases do not settle, most of them do, but we have found that the best way to force a case into a significant and acceptable outcome is to be hyper focused on pushing the case forward and making sure the other side is aware that we are ready, able, and willing to take the case to trial if an appropriate settlement cannot be reached. Our lawyers have extensive experience in trying, and winning, cases in front of Judges, Juries, and panels of arbitrators.

We offer traditional hourly representation as well as flat fees for some business litigation cases. You can learn more about Flat Fees on our Flat Fee Business Litigation page.


Commercial Litigation

Often disputes between companies, large or small, simply cannot be resolved without some legal intervention. These cases often revolve around services that were to be provided and alleged breach of contract by one party or the other but also can include disputes regarding future obligations or to more clearly define each companies’ requirements under the current business arrangement (known as declaratory judgment cases).

Breach of Contract

Whether it is a service provider, professional services (engineering, architectural, accounting, etc.), the sale of goods under the Uniform Commercial Code, these disputes can take all forms. Sometimes there is a written contract, other times there is simply invoices and purchase orders to reflect the parties’ agreement.

Non-Compete Litigation

These disputes encompass both the company seeking to enforce a non-compete agreement or an employee or executive seeking to invalidate the restriction or clarify the restrictions.

Corporate Shareholder or LLC Member Disputes

These cases can run the gamut from protecting minority shareholder rights, to enforcing a buy-sell provision, all the way to seeking judicial dissolution of the company to force a sale and winding up.

Trade-Secret Litigation

Trade Secrets are a term of art under the law, it does not encompass all aspects of one’s business, but rather those things not generally known and for which efforts are made to maintain its secrecy (think the formula for Coca-Cola as a good example of a trade secret and a customer list as something that likely is not a trade secret under Wisconsin law).

Learn more about past cases we have handled with a sampling of Business Litigation Cases summaries.

What should I do if my business gets sued?


Attorneys Sean Sweeney and Seth Hill are both shareholders at Halling & Cayo and the co-heads of the law firm’s commercial litigation practice group. Stephen Cox is an experienced litigator in Halling & Cayo’s business litigation practice group. They have worked together to pioneer the firm’s innovative approach to pricing litigation matters.

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