Halling & Cayo investigating claims against SagePoint Financial, LLC.


When an advisor recommends an investment that is unsuitable for your income level and knows you lack understanding of the risk for the investment, it is unethical. Also included would be failing to diversify a portfolio or incompetence of reallocating investments as you age.

Halling & Cayo is investigating allegations and claims that two SagePoint brokers and advisors recommended investments in Family Wealth Legacy and Zolla High Yield Fund that were unsuitable for their SagePoint customers and customers of other broker dealers. Matthew Piercey is the managing partner of Family Wealth Legacy and Zolla and is the subject of a grand jury subpoena issued by the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of California.

SagePoint customers may have claims against these brokers and Sagepoint, and Halling & Cayo is experienced in investigating such claims and recovering monies on behalf of customers who have experienced losses due to the unsuitable recommendations of their brokers.

Halling & Cayo’s lawyers have more than 60 years of combined experience litigating securities matters in arbitration, court, and administrative hearings, and we only get paid if we win.

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