Judge Rules in Favor of MMSD and the City of Milwaukee in PCB Contamination Case


Halling & Cayo is happy to report the good work of its lawyers Ted Warpinski and Andy Skwierawski, with assistance from Stephen Cox, Trevor Leverson, and Sherre Chevalier in preserving the Plaintiffs’ rights to continue to seek damages for PCB contamination of Milwaukee’s sewers and waterways.

Ted Warpinski, the city and sewage district’s lawyer with the Milwaukee-based Halling & Cayo firm, said the crux of the case was that the defendants knew PCBs were toxic and failed to warn the public. The nuisance is ongoing, he said — and until the harms are abated, his clients’ claims are viable.

Yamahiro agreed with this latter point in his oral ruling, saying that “every day is a new cause of action and a new harm” as long as the alleged pollution goes unabated