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Wisconsin Residential Real Estate Attorneys

“The offer to purchase can be the most important part of the process, it sets forth the terms of the deal and is your opportunity to put in necessary contingencies to closing. Make sure you have competent representation from the outset.”
– Attorney Sean M. Sweeney

A real estate purchase – whether it’s a new home, condo, vacation home, or rental property – is often the largest investment you’ll ever make. It combines the American dream of home ownership with a long-term investment opportunity.

A real estate purchase can cost hundreds-of-thousands of dollars and be a very intimidating process. As a result, you need a highly-skilled professional to help you analyze the transaction.

Residential Real Estate HouseIf any of the scenarios below sound familiar, you will face legal concerns and issues related to the legal complexity of your situation and the significant amounts of money involved. Are you:

  • Preparing to devote your life savings to purchasing your first home?
  • Selling your current home and upgrading to a new one?
  • Looking at a vacation home that will be your main residence after retirement?
  • Operating a business and need to buy or build a larger facility?
  • Investigating a real estate development opportunity with great potential?


Our Real Estate Team

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is important that you talk to an experienced real estate attorney. Here at Halling & Cayo, we’d like to be the Milwaukee Real Estate Law Firm you rely on when you’re looking at a real estate sale or purchase, no matter how small or large.

Remember, before signing anything, please call a qualified Milwaukee Real Estate Attorney. You can contact us at (414) 271-3400 or on our website to set up a consultation.

In addition to Residential Real Estate Halling & Cayo S.C. also provides Real Estate Law services for Commercial Real Estate, Real Estate Development, Condominium Law, and Real Estate Litigation.