When a client works with us, I think a big key for me is just communication. To make sure that they know what’s going on with their case, and they can make informed decisions. I always tell my clients that we make recommendations, they make decisions. In order for you to make decisions, you have to have all the information available to you. That even starts with, as simple as, everything that comes in and out of that courthouse, you get a copy of. Maybe it sounds silly, but it’s shocking how often I’ve worked with clients who have transitioned from another lawyer, and said, “well, I didn’t know, I never saw any of this stuff. I never got the filings, I never got any”. It certainly does sometimes lead to more questions by sending everything over to the client as soon as we get it, but I think it’s always the best practice to keep them involved, keep them knowing what’s going on.

Now sometimes that means we are the bearer of bad news, and when you’re making a decision, you have to have all of the facts. If I only told my clients what they wanted to hear, they wouldn’t necessarily be in a good position to make a risk assessment as to what they want to do with their case. That’s really what I think my role is.

The other part of it, of course, is to be sort of relentless advocate for them. I often think about, that my job is just not to be the one who doesn’t get tired first. It’s an exhausting slog going through a lawsuit, or it certainly can be. It’s long, and it’s slow. I think generally our justice system gets to the right result, but it takes a long time, and it can be expensive.

Our job is to not just let fatigue of the case rule our client’s decision. It’s to be always the one who’s pushing it forward and making sure that they are in the best position possible to make a business decision and hopefully resolve the case in a way that benefits them.

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